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Chameleon Outlining & Shaving Set

Chameleon Outlining & Shaving Set

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Chameleon Outlining & Shaving Set from BabylissPro

Chameleon Outlining & Shaving Set:

SkeletonFX is a trimmer in a cool design for use both with and without a cord. It is ergonomically designed in a metal housing with an anti-slip grip for optimal comfort. The trimmer has a 360° exposed DLC/titanium T-Blade of 40 mm which can easily be zero-gapped, which makes the SkeletonFX perfect for close cutting, precise edges of the neck, ears and for creating fine, marked lines for the beard. The 360° exposed blade gives you full visibility regardless of the trimmer's position. Another advantage of an exposed cliff head is that it gets less hot, as there is no traditional house that traps the heat. It has a motor with EDM technology that gives 7200 RPM, Li-ion battery that gives an operating time of 120 minutes and a charging time of 180 minutes. Supplied with adjustment tool for zero gapping, cleaning brush and oil.

The Double Foil Metal Shaver is a powerful shaver in a metal housing with a DC motor with 11,000 rpm and is perfect for fine adjustments or for an extra close shave. The shaver has two extra thin and movable foil heads that provide a safe and close shave without irritating the skin. The shaving head has a 44 mm wide shaving surface and is easy to remove for easy cleaning. Can be used both with and without a cord, has a NiMH battery that charges in 180 minutes, an operating time of 180 minutes and a 3 meter long cord. Includes a cleaning brush and a storage bag.

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