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Gray Taper Blade Clipper

Gray Taper Blade Clipper

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The ReVITE Clipper is a lighter, compact, cordless clipper that offers a more comfortable grip, allowing professionals to provide a premium cut with new combs that provide maximum versatility. The machine is available in both Fade ( Size: 00000-000 ) and Taper ( Size: 000-1) blade options.

Worth knowing:

  • An all-new rotary motor with a ball bearing drive system, a rubber mount and gasket design designed to reduce vibration and noise.
  • A high-capacity lithium-ion battery that provides a 2-hour operating time.
  • Updated geometry and tooth patterns on both Taper and Fade blades, this creates the perfect balance between cutting precision and efficiency.
  • A new style that is both slimmer and more compact offers a removable and adjustable blade design that leads to easier cleaning and quick switching between a Taper and Fader razor blade.

NB! Fade and Loser the blades are replaceable and sold separately from the machine .

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