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Laufwunder nail care oil (dropper bottle)

Laufwunder nail care oil (dropper bottle)

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Nail care oil takes care of the nails on your hands and feet. It is composed of carefully selected oils, plant extracts and vitamins. The knowledge of these extracts and oils lies in centuries of experience working with herbs, salts and, extracts and oils in German spas.

Nail care oil is very suitable for the care of brittle nails. With a brittle nail, pieces of the nail tend to crumble. Brittle nails are unattractive and difficult to polish. Brittle nails lead to the familiar "barbs" which further stimulate the crumble. The nail benefits from a strong structure at the base of the nail plate which reduces crumbling. With a healthy nail, the outer edge is easy to file, the top plate is easy to polish and the nail polish stays in place. Take care of the crumbly and rough nail with nail care oil. In this way, you contribute to the care of the nails down to the deeper nail structures. Laufwunder nail oil keeps nails healthy and shiny.

50 ml

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